Kacem El Ghazzali, IHEU Representative

ORAL STATEMENT United Nations Human Rights Council, 33rd Session (13th – 30th September 2016) General Debate: Item 8<

The Right of Blasphemy: No to Medieval Trials

“The Right of Blasphemy: No to Medieval Trials”

Adhoc Organization’s First Conference

Brussels, May 22, 2016 Roots and Causes of Islamic Violence Secularism Is the Solution

Publishing the 4th Issue of La Vague Culturelle Magazine

  The 4th issue of the La Vague Culturelle monthly magazine has been published, presenting an important press kit on the controversial relationship between the two opposites: the cu


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  • Organizing Live Gatherings, Festivals, and Conferences

    The organization intends to organize local and international gatherings, seminars, and festivals. These gatherings would aim at bridging communication gaps between activists and cultures, as well as e Read More

    Establishing Branches and Work Groups

    Since it profoundly believes the ability to spread international principles of secularism, humanism, citizens’ rights, and individual freedom, to be only achieved through field work, and not within Read More
  • Publishing, Supporting, and Distributing Secularist Books

    According to the organization’s approach, i.e. spreading secularism’s principles and basic values of human rights in their universal dimension, Adhoc foundation publishes, and works on distributin Read More

    Partnerships and Coordination with Institutions

    The organization intends, as stipulated in its aforementioned objectives and universal humanitarian principles, to promote the ties of partnering with governmental and non-governmental institutions, s Read More
  • Organizing Formations and Trainings

    Since the objectives stated by the organization, aiming at spreading international principles of human rights, individual freedom, women’s rights, and the values of pluralism and secularism, couldn Read More