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The Right of Blasphemy: No to Medieval Trials

“The Right of Blasphemy: No to Medieval Trials”

Adhoc Organization’s First Conference

Brussels, May 22, 2016 Roots and Causes of Islamic Violence Secularism Is the Solution

Publishing the 4th Issue of La Vague Culturelle Magazine

  The 4th issue of the La Vague Culturelle monthly magazine has been published, presenting an important press kit on the controversial relationship between the two opposites: the culture of amorousness and death versus the culture of death and death, in which many writers, intellectuals, and academics have participated.

Adhoc in An Artistic Event in M’Rirt, Morocco

On November 29, 2015, Adhoc was in M’Rirt, Morocco, as its members, in participation with a group of the city’s associations, organized a cultural, artistic evening.

Le Chaos Syrien | RandaKassis

Cent ans après les accords Sykes-Picot, les jihadistes de l’Etat islamique («Da’ech») ont fait sauter les frontières tracées artificiellement au début du siècle dernier par la France et la Grande-Bretagne au Moyen-Orient. En Syrie comme en Irak, Da’ech a réussi a tenir en échec des Etats constitués et leurs armées, instaurant le chaos et la

Syrian Poet Adonis: Unless the Arabs Separate Religion and State, They Will Become Extinct

In a recent address, Syrian poet Adonis said that it was necessary to change “the infrastructure and culture of society” and not merely the leadership. Speaking at the first convention of the Adhoc organization, a London-based “secularist, modernist, pluralist” international NGO, Adonis called for separation of religion and state, and said that “If these deep-rooted