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Egyptian author Sayyid Al-Qemany: Islam in Its Present Form Is a Threat to the World, All Scorpions Sting

Egyptian author Sayyid Al-Qemany, speaking at the first convention of the Adhoc organization, a London-based “secularist, modernist, pluralist” international NGO, warned about the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism, saying: “Any Muslim who believes that his religion is suited to all times and places is a terrorist by definition.” Al-Qemany said that “all scorpions sting” and that

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Prisons of Allah – Les Prisons d’Allah | Walid Al-Hussainy

In France, a book titled “Prisons of Allah,” written by the Palestinian writer and secular activist, Walid Al-Hussainy, was published in French. It highlights two facts ignored by many; first: victims of the armed fundamentalism (fanaticism), or of Islamic countries’ fanaticism. On the other hand, faith does not belong to anyone, and no one has

Inspired by Secularism | Rabab Kamal

Egyptian author; Rabab Kamal’s “Inspired by Secularism,” was published by Roznameh for Publishing and Distribution.  The book raises several questions, including: Does the reign of religion end in Egypt with the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood, or Isn’t this enough? Is a religious country ruled by a cleric, the Islamist group’s Murshid, or a bearded president?