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1st session, ADHOC – The right of Blasphemy 

Liberal Moroccan writer Said Nachid talked, during a conference of the Adhoc organization of liberal modern thought, held in Rome, about his friend Raif Badawi, who was arrested in 2012 and later sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for “insulting Islam through electronic channels.” Nachid said that in the early days of Badawi’s incarceration, when he still had his mobile phone, he used to call him and tell him about the religious guidance one is forced to attend, including mandatory prayers and lessons in the teachings of Ibn Hanbal and Ibn Taymiyya. The video was posted on Adhoc’s social media channels on November 13.

ADHOC conference in Rome “The Right of Blasphemy No to Medieval Trails” Open debate1/2


Elizabeth O’Casey “overview of cases of blasphemy around the world


Nadia Oweidat: “Challenges to Reforming Islamic Thought In the Arab World and Beyond” 

Syrian Poet Adonis: Unless the Arabs Separate Religion and State, They Will Become Extinct

In a recent address, Syrian poet Adonis said that it was necessary to change “the infrastructure and culture of society” and not merely the leadership. Speaking at the first convention of the Adhoc organization, a London-based “secularist, modernist, pluralist” international NGO, Adonis called for separation of religion and state, and said that “If these deep-rooted steps are not taken, I think that we Arabs will become extinct… because we have no [unique] identity, and we contribute nothing to the building of the world.” The convention, titled “The Roots and Causes of Islamic Violence,” was held in Brussels on May 22, and Adonis’ address was posted on the YouTube account of the I Think Magazine.