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Le Chaos Syrien | RandaKassis

Cent ans après les accords Sykes-Picot, les jihadistes de l’Etat islamique («Da’ech») ont fait sauter les frontières tracées artificiellement au début du siècle dernier par la France et la Grande-Bretagne au Moyen-Orient. En Syrie comme en Irak, Da’ech a réussi a tenir en échec des Etats constitués et leurs armées, instaurant le chaos et la terreur dans la région. Il aura pourtant fallu deux ans à la communauté internationale, jadis occupée a dénoncer le seul régime syrien de Bachar al-Assad et ses alliés (Russie, Iran), pour prendre enfin la mesure de la menace islamiste.Les auteurs de cet essai démontrent que le chaos syrien est devenu l’épicentre d’un conflit désormais globalisé qui oppose a la fois les musulmans sunnites aux chiites, et le nationalisme arabe à une utopie califale aux ambitions planétaires.Loin du géopolitiquement correct et refusant de tomber dans le piège du manichéisme, ils proposent une analyse historique et sociétale du chaos syrien tout en explorant des pistes de sortie de crise fondées sur le pragmatisme et le dialogue politique, seules voies susceptibles de permettre la réconciliation nationale, la protection des minorités et la lutte contre le «totalitarisme vert».

Prisons of Allah – Les Prisons d’Allah | Walid Al-Hussainy

In France, a book titled “Prisons of Allah,” written by the Palestinian writer and secular activist, Walid Al-Hussainy, was published in French. It highlights two facts ignored by many; first: victims of the armed fundamentalism (fanaticism), or of Islamic countries’ fanaticism. On the other hand, faith does not belong to anyone, and no one has the right to choose a religion for others or to force them to adhere to it. Many atheists and non-religious are oppressed and in hiding in their countries, or pay for what they truly believe in…It is worth noting that translations of the controversial book into several languages will soon be published..

Inspired by Secularism | Rabab Kamal

Egyptian author; Rabab Kamal’s “Inspired by Secularism,” was published by Roznameh for Publishing and Distribution.  The book raises several questions, including: Does the reign of religion end in Egypt with the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood, or Isn’t this enough? Is a religious country ruled by a cleric, the Islamist group’s Murshid, or a bearded president? Or is a religious country the one in which constitution and laws wear a turban? (more…)

Gods’ Crypts | RandaKassis

In this book, Syrian-French politician, author, and intellectual, RandaKassis poses an unprecedented challenge before Arab culture, on basis of a valuable summary of a stack of research in psychology, anthropology, and others. This challenge starts by concluding that the religious moral system, that has worked on molding what’s forbidden and what’s accepted in sexual relations between humans, in turn, was nothing but distortions of previous myths and social experiences which tried to control and regulate this instinct, in order to serve the prevalent social systems…

Casablanca – Geneva | Kacem El Ghazzali

“Casablanca – Geneva” is a biographical novel by Kacem El Ghazzali.

The novel is about a range of dimensions and aspects of the self, and of reality, in a shattered society torn by religious conventions, love and sex, friendship and animosity, faith and disbelief, king and god, family, and sin… (more…)

Receiving God’s Messages Every Night.. | Nabil Aknoush

“Receiving God’s Messages Every Night,” the first poetry book by the Belgium-based Moroccan poet, Nabil Ankoush, and published by “Makhtootat” for Publishing, Netherlands, is a group of texts written by the poet over a period of 3 years, in 96 pages. Its cover was designed by Nasser Mo’nes, the Iraqi poet and artist. (more…)

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