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Letters of the Sands | Abd El-WahedKafeeh

Fictionist Abd El-WahedKafeeh’s short stories book, “Letters of the Sands,” was published by Dihya Printing & Publishing. Fictionist and novelist Abd El-WahedKafeeh is considered one of the strongly visible writers in Arabic narrative scene. His novel, “Scents of Mexico’s Cafes,” was one of the few that remained till the last moment a candidate of Morocco’s Prize for 2015. (more…)

Inspiration of Blanca | Mohamed Ayyashi

A new poetry book by “Mohamed Ayyashi,” named “Inspiration of Blanca,” has recently been published by Dihya Publishing. It’s the third publication of the poet, after his two books, “Longings’ Wellsprings” (2010), and “Atlassiyat” (2012). The book is a total of 49 poems and passages. Ayyashi’s poems are characterized with a type of shocks, even if sometimes combined with nostalgia. The poems are completely loyal to the two-part verse system, as a chosen approach to expression and writing, with diversification of taf’ilahs of the Khaliliseas.. (more…)

Dancing to Silence | Rasheed Tolba

As a part of Moroccan Ministry of Culture’s first book series, a poetry book by the poet and critic Rasheed Tolba, PhD., titled “Dancing to Silence,” and includes 37 texts, was published in 122 pages by Manahel for Publishing. (more…)

Scents of Mexico’s Cafes | Abd El-WahedKafeeh

Moroccan author Abd El-WahedKafeeh pursues his creative journey with issuing his first novel, titled “Scents of Mexico’s Cafes,” and published by Tangier’s Sleeky Brothers Publishing, in around 160 pages, adorned with a painting by Moroccan artist Gamal Zakrawy as a cover. This is the third after two stories books; “Intermittent Breaths,” and “Zorba’s Dance.”

Sinbad Declares Moving to the Cities of Question | Mohamed Miqsaidy

In his 2000 poetry book, and as we’re used to in most of Mohamed Miqsaidy, the Moroccan-Greek poet’s poetic and prosaic writings, he wouldn’t have missed the adventure of writing through multiplying poetic horizons without questioning the current and the traditional,in a language in which the surrealist and the mystical, the rational and the mad, language and silence entwine.. (more…)

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