Organizing Live Gatherings, Festivals, and Conferences

The organization intends to organize local and international gatherings, seminars, and festivals. These gatherings would aim at bridging communication gaps between activists and cultures, as well as extending the domain of national and international discussions concerning a range of knotty issues. Gatherings and seminars will differ according to their subjects, and will include all fields; including political, legist, social, and intellectual, as well as impact all sectors; including youth and women.

Among organization’s objectives is organizing cultural trips and travels for deep knowledge of, and direct hearkening to the pulse of societies. The trip would be suitable for visiting universities, attending and participating in seminars, and visiting different bodies and associations, widespread in different towns and cities of the visited country every year. It would also be an opportunity for authors, politicians, and those who are interested to meet.

Terms and context of these cultural trips and travels will be announced.