Partnerships and Coordination with Institutions

The organization intends, as stipulated in its aforementioned objectives and universal humanitarian principles, to promote the ties of partnering with governmental and non-governmental institutions, seeking reinforcement of principles adopted by the organization to counter all forms of religious extremism and violence, and to spread the foundations and principles of secularism, pluralism, and modernism in our societies and world.

In addition to coordinating and partnering with governmental and non-governmental institutions, the organization intends to open all its doors for coordination with civic associations and organizations in MENA region, and worldwide. This is out of the organization’s belief in the necessity of joint work with different local and international bodies which aim at the same objectives mentioned by the organization, its desire to be totally open to civil society, and its belief in the impossibility of the continuity of its efforts to educate the civil society and co-operate with its entire active associations. Moreover, the organization considers working and partnering with youth institutions, organizations, and associations, to be of top priority.