Publishing, Supporting, and Distributing Secularist Books

According to the organization’s approach, i.e. spreading secularism’s principles and basic values of human rights in their universal dimension, Adhoc foundation publishes, and works on distributing secularist books, and those which advocate its values in philosophical, intellectual, social, political, literary, and artistic fields. It also works, through ‘Adhoc Collection’ Publishing and Distribution House, on promoting these books and putting them in the status they deserve, through its media channels, and through organizing constant meetings with authors and their audience in various regions, as well as attending festivals and regional and international book fairs.

Adhoc foundation’ spolicy considers cultural and intellectual dimensions and book support and its role in changing society to be one of the most important paths on which any social debate or progress is based.

For more information, please directly contact Randa Kassis’ Publishing and Distribution House, or Adhoc organization’s management.