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Sinbad Declares Moving to the Cities of Question | Mohamed Miqsaidy

In his 2000 poetry book, and as we’re used to in most of Mohamed Miqsaidy, the Moroccan-Greek poet’s poetic and prosaic writings, he wouldn’t have missed the adventure of writing through multiplying poetic horizons without questioning the current and the traditional,in a language in which the surrealist and the mystical, the rational and the mad, language and silence entwine..

It is worth noting that we can no longer talk about modern Arabic poem without mentioning the Moroccan poet, Mohamed Miqsaidy, and his poetic experience. The experience which uses firm steps to ascend beyond vision and insight, entails pausing and looking at it for a long time, it even entails an intellectual dynamism, because of its continuous rising, aiming for universal horizon.

Excerpts from the book:

Al-Farabi, Socrates, and Abu Nawas follow you

Carving, by your hands, castles for straying..

And gates of raving

Pardon me, Luther forgot to tell you

Before passing away:

“If I were born then,

He would have never travelled through the language of madness

Seeking witches..”


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