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Dancing to Silence | Rasheed Tolba

As a part of Moroccan Ministry of Culture’s first book series, a poetry book by the poet and critic Rasheed Tolba, PhD., titled “Dancing to Silence,” and includes 37 texts, was published in 122 pages by Manahel for Publishing.

Rasheed Tolba is among those who, with their poetry, pumped new blood into the creative scene in Morocco. A poet with great defeats and a hell of endless losses. Along the texts of the book, we discover a huge momentum of a language of defeat, absence, death, and losses. A sequence of darkness encloses the worlds of the 37 texts. Despite the assumption that poems collection is bound by its subjective conditions, i.e. the first poetry book, the order of poems with its indications of a continuous poetic style, and the cohesion in forming poetic sayings which respond to this disastrous sense of absence, uncover how poetic defeat summarizes poems’ visions and bets.

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