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Inspiration of Blanca | Mohamed Ayyashi

A new poetry book by “Mohamed Ayyashi,” named “Inspiration of Blanca,” has recently been published by Dihya Publishing. It’s the third publication of the poet, after his two books, “Longings’ Wellsprings” (2010), and “Atlassiyat” (2012). The book is a total of 49 poems and passages. Ayyashi’s poems are characterized with a type of shocks, even if sometimes combined with nostalgia. The poems are completely loyal to the two-part verse system, as a chosen approach to expression and writing, with diversification of taf’ilahs of the Khaliliseas..

Mohamed Ayyashi is a Moroccan poet, born in 1972. He started writing poetry when he was less than 20 years old. He won the first prize in a regional poetry contest in 1994, and the first place in national vertical poem contest in 2000. His poems are published in a number of websites, as well as his two previous books. He also supervises the international poetry gathering in M’Rirt.

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