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Letters of the Sands | Abd El-WahedKafeeh

Fictionist Abd El-WahedKafeeh’s short stories book, “Letters of the Sands,” was published by Dihya Printing & Publishing. Fictionist and novelist Abd El-WahedKafeeh is considered one of the strongly visible writers in Arabic narrative scene. His novel, “Scents of Mexico’s Cafes,” was one of the few that remained till the last moment a candidate of Morocco’s Prize for 2015.

The short stories book by Abd El-WahedKafeeh includes 17 short stories.

Abd El-WahedKafeeh’s stories don’t seek uncalled-for plunging in experimentalism of great ill-defined ideas with conceited symbolistic lavishness, or keeping away from the worlds of individuals and their social surroundings’ expressions. They address the human person, with all their good and evil, it even admonishes them for submitting to materialist terms of the existence, in which they kept succumbing under massive compulsions of fears and pain.

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