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Casablanca – Geneva | Kacem El Ghazzali

“Casablanca – Geneva” is a biographical novel by Kacem El Ghazzali.

The novel is about a range of dimensions and aspects of the self, and of reality, in a shattered society torn by religious conventions, love and sex, friendship and animosity, faith and disbelief, king and god, family, and sin…

Kacem decides torunaway from a life that wasn’t originally his, and from a society connected to him only by false cultural aspects. Suddenly, he willingly chose to disbelief in all gods, and wasn’t afraid to speak out about his choice, so he declared it through his blog and TV channels. He explicitly said it: “I’m a disbeliever.. I’m a disbeliever!”

The memory, then, works. A new phase of self-construction and self-cleansing of all cultural deposits.

Many issues, such as freedom, home, the self, identity, the other, upbringing, and values are being discussed in the novel, in an amusing literary form.

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