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Inspired by Secularism | Rabab Kamal

Egyptian author; Rabab Kamal’s “Inspired by Secularism,” was published by Roznameh for Publishing and Distribution.  The book raises several questions, including: Does the reign of religion end in Egypt with the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood, or Isn’t this enough? Is a religious country ruled by a cleric, the Islamist group’s Murshid, or a bearded president? Or is a religious country the one in which constitution and laws wear a turban?

The author tries, through profound deconstruction of some of the phenomenon’s sides, to analyze the secular current’s crisis. Moreover, she demonstrates her views on the difference between Islamism and secular currents; the first is consistent with its own goals, and is aware of its destination, while the latter is lost, uses state secularism as slogans for media consumption, and is, so far, unable to act correctly.

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