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Publishing the 4th Issue of La Vague Culturelle Magazine


The 4th issue of the La Vague Culturelle monthly magazine has been published, presenting an important press kit on the controversial relationship between the two opposites: the culture of amorousness and death versus the culture of death and death, in which many writers, intellectuals, and academics have participated. The kit is harmonious with excavating reality in order to overcome all this havoc. The magazine has included a selection of materials on several intellectual, literary, and artistic fields. Among those creative icons are, the Syrian intellectual and politician; RandaKassis, the Moroccan doctor, academic, and poet; Mohamed Bu-Dweik, the Iraqi researcher; QahtanJassem, the Tunisian poet; MufidaSalhy, thee Egyptian poet; Dima Mahmoud, the Moroccan critic and academic researcher; Dr. Al-Maghraby Mohamed Al-Sheiker, the Italian Roma University’s doctor and academic; Eva Cantarella, the writer and the Sorbonne University’s professor; Philippe Audegean, the Italian-French poet and Charles de Gaulle University’s academic; Camilla Maria Cederna, the Italian poets and academics; Calos Vitale, Antonio Puzzi, Valerio Magrelli, and Simona Bolvani…

Adhoc’s president, Mrs. RandaKassis’ article in the French section tackled the hands which aim to tamper with Syria in the name of religion, by entities claiming to defend democracy, while they’re actually at the head of dictatorships, and they don’t respect the least of basic human rights ethics. While the critic, Ezz El-Din Burka’s article was titled “Towards Secular Societies.”

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