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Partnership between Adhoc and Egyptian Al-Ahram Foundation

After consultations and deliberations on joint work and coordination. And because of Egyptian Al-Ahram Foundation’s strong presence in MENA region, its ancient history, media prints, such as newspapers and magazines, and the valuable intellectual, scientific, and journalistic starts who work, and have worked for it, as for over 140 years since its establishment, its pages have never lacked the presence of big writers such as Taha Hussein, YahiaHaqqi, Naguib Mahfouz, Mohamed HassanenHeikel, and others.

A partnership has been made between Egyptian Al-Ahram Foundation, through its magazine “Diwan Al-Ahram,” whose Editor-in-Chief is the poet, Ibrahim Dawood, and Adhoc Foundation, through “La Vague Culturelle” Magazine. The partnership contract states that it shall include several fields of cooperation, like joint research, experience and information exchange between Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies and Adhoc Studies Center, as well as organizing joint conferences and seminars, and providing each other with all available facilities required for the success of the various activities each partner seeks to hold…

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