About Us

“Adhoc: Secular, Modernist, and Pluralist” is an international non-governmental organization, based in London, with branches and/or coordination committees worldwide. Adhoc was founded to counter extremism and terrorism, and to spread the culture of freedom, reason, and difference, through its field work on the ground, as well as theoretical work through its several centers, in various dimensions; political, intellectual, cultural, and artistic…in the horizon of building pluralist secularist societies, which respect individual rights and freedom.

Individual involvement cards are central, issued by the central office and signed necessarily by the president or one of her commissioners. Involvement cards cannot be cancelled without a central resolution approved by a relative majority of central office members.

The organization works towards its goals through a range of mechanisms and tools. Studies Center, Documentation Center, and Cultural and Media Center are considered its most generally significant tools. In addition, there are sectoral centers, such as Women Center, and Youth Center…

The organization tracks the work of cultural and political groups; parties, movements, and others, as well as governments’ policies of MENA region countries. It also contributes, with all of its tools, in building pluralist secular states.

Religious extremism in MENA region in particular, and in the world in general, is one of the organization’s most important concerns, which it works on deconstructing its mechanisms, in order to comprehend and confront it.

In accordance with Adhoc’s strategic options and line, trainings and formations are centrally and locally organized in several fields, including: individual freedom, civil society planning mechanisms, media and journalism, democracy, governance, and north-south relations… Adhoc also organizes international, regional, national, and local gatherings and seminars on different political, intellectual, and cultural issues, and attends to organizing literary, arts, and film festivals… It holds peoples dialogues, and intellectual and cultural exchange between different quarters through exchange of delegations’ visits, and coordination between universities and civic associations.

The organization works on partnering with various governmental and non-governmental institutions, and with civil society’s events, to spread the culture of pluralism and secularism.

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