Organizing Formations and Trainings

Since the objectives stated by the organization, aiming at spreading international principles of human rights, individual freedom, women’s rights, and the values of pluralism and secularism, couldn’t be achieved without spreading knowledge, formation, and awareness. Adhoc intends to organize regular and annual formations, and regional and international trainings in different fields, including: democracy, human rights,

Partnerships and Coordination with Institutions

The organization intends, as stipulated in its aforementioned objectives and universal humanitarian principles, to promote the ties of partnering with governmental and non-governmental institutions, seeking reinforcement of principles adopted by the organization to counter all forms of religious extremism and violence, and to spread the foundations and principles of secularism, pluralism, and modernism in our

Publishing, Supporting, and Distributing Secularist Books

According to the organization’s approach, i.e. spreading secularism’s principles and basic values of human rights in their universal dimension, Adhoc foundation publishes, and works on distributing secularist books, and those which advocate its values in philosophical, intellectual, social, political, literary, and artistic fields. It also works, through ‘Adhoc Collection’ Publishing and Distribution House, on promoting

Establishing Branches and Work Groups

Since it profoundly believes the ability to spread international principles of secularism, humanism, citizens’ rights, and individual freedom, to be only achieved through field work, and not within offices, theoretical and academic meetings, and daily and constant communication with the society. The organization based its work strategy on establishing branches in various areas and countries

Organizing Live Gatherings, Festivals, and Conferences

The organization intends to organize local and international gatherings, seminars, and festivals. These gatherings would aim at bridging communication gaps between activists and cultures, as well as extending the domain of national and international discussions concerning a range of knotty issues. Gatherings and seminars will differ according to their subjects, and will include all fields;